The Ministry of Commerce reiterated that the elimination of tariff increases is an important condition for China and the United States to reach the first phase agreement


China has repeatedly stressed that trade wars should start from the imposition of tariffs and end with the elimination of them, which is an important condition for the two sides to reach an agreement, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said at a regular press conference on the 14th. It is in the interests of producers and consumers, China and the United States, as well as the world. It is in the interests of both sides, not one side.

Summit said that if the two sides reach a first stage agreement, the magnitude of tariff cancellation should fully reflect the importance of the first stage agreement, which should be jointly measured by both sides. The two sides are having in-depth discussions on this issue. China is willing to work with the US side to properly address each other's core concerns on the basis of equality and mutual respect and create conditions for reaching the first phase agreement. (From LGMI)