• Foreign trade business assistant


    1. Familiar with the product-promoting work in the network and major platforms, upload product information, etc.

    2. Translation, archiving, etc. of documents, customer contact, help with assistant operations such as business tracking;

    3, network optimization, picture video processing, brochure update and production.

    4. Have a good learning ability and actively complete the work of the superior.

    Job Specification:

    1. College degree or above, proficient in English listening and speaking.

    2. More than one year of work experience, have a certain understanding of foreign trade business processes;

    3, proficient in all kinds of document processing, photoshop, video processor, etc.;

    4, good at communication, careful and patient, responsible, proactive, strong team spirit.

  • Foreign Trade Specialist


    1. Expand overseas markets, develop and maintain customer relationships;

    2. Analyze the market and form a report, track and discover customer needs in a timely manner, and communicate well internally.

    3. Maintain good communication, negotiation and negotiation with customers;

    4, import and export orders processing, and can guarantee delivery according to customer requirements;

    5. Monitor the quality and delivery of suppliers and deal with relevant issues in a timely manner;

    6. Recording and analysis of related business.

    Job Specification:

    1. College degree or above, proficient in English listening and speaking, strong business language ability, business sense and negotiation skills, and strong business development ability.

    2. More than 2 years working experience in foreign trade business related fields, and work experience in foreign company or related fields is preferred;

    3, has a strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, work conscientiously, strong sense of responsibility, strong resistance to pressure, without delay.

    4.  online business experience in platforms such as Alibaba and Made in China is preferred.