India auctioned 10 iron mines by way of technical tender


India went a step further on Monday with its iron ore auctions, starting with technical tenders for iron mines.

The bureau of mines has conducted electronic auction of leases for seven iron mines and three ferromanganese mines.

The seven iron mines auctioned by electronic auction were Nuagaon, Thakurani, Jilling -Langalota, Jaribahal, roida-ii, Jururi and Ganua iron mines. The largest of the Nuagaon iron mines, covering 767 hectares, was so large that only a few mining companies met the requirements for bidding assets.

Mine technology tenders officially began on November 19 and Deepak Mohanty, mmo director, said the board's technical committee would review each bidding document and would publish a list of 10 successful mine companies bidding for mine leases on December 9. (From Tiekuangshi)