Aluminum carbon industry is facing many pain points. How should carbon enterprises get out of the dilemma?


In 2019, international trade frictions continued, and the world economy changed greatly. Under such an environment, the development of domestic aluminum industry also fluctuated. The upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises around the development of aluminum industry began to lose money, and the pain point was gradually disclosed.

I. industry overcapacity, oversupply

In view of the problem of excess capacity, although the state has consciously carried out macro-control on the electrolytic aluminum industry, the growth rate of capacity is still higher than expected. In the first half of 2019, due to the impact of environmental protection and market status, the enterprise operating rate in Henan was very low, and some enterprises in Northwest and East China began to overhaul in varying degrees. Even though the release of new capacity was not considered, the total supply of the industry was still high, operating in the state of overcapacity. According to statistics, from January to June 2019, China's production of raw aluminum reached 17.4373 million tons, while the actual production of prebaked anode reached 9.5464 million tons, which has exceeded the actual consumption of electrolytic aluminum by 82.78 tons, while the annual production capacity of prebaked anode for aluminum in China reached 28.778 million tons.

II. Backward technical equipment and uneven products

At present, due to the high-speed operation of production equipment in the early stage, some of the equipment has seriously exceeded the service life, and the equipment problems have been disclosed in succession, which can not guarantee the stability of production. Needless to say, some carbon manufacturers with small production capacity may not meet the national industrial technical standards for technical equipment, and the products produced also have quality problems. Of course, there are various factors that cause product quality problems. In addition to the impact of technology and equipment, the quality of raw materials supply level will also make the quality of carbon products decline.

III. environmental protection policies are urgent and carbon enterprises are under constant pressure

Under the environment background of "green water and green mountains", efforts should be made to protect the blue sky and white clouds. The domestic environmental protection policies are frequent, and the pressure on the carbon industry is increasing. Due to environmental protection, production cost and other problems, the downstream electrolytic aluminum also implemented capacity conversion, which led to the increase of transportation cost in carbon industry, the extension of payment collection cycle and the shortage of working capital of enterprises.

IV. escalation of world trade frictions and major changes in international forms

In 2019, the world pattern is changing. The brexit and the Sino US trade war affect the international economic situation. Since the beginning of this year, the export volume of carbon industry has declined slightly, the export earnings of enterprises are decreasing, and some enterprises have already suffered losses. From January to September 2019, the total inventory of carbon products reached 374007 tons, a year-on-year increase of 19.28%; the export volume of carbon products was 316865 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 20.26%; the export foreign exchange earning was 1080720000 dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 29.97%.

In the face of quality, cost, environmental protection and many other pain points, how can carbon enterprises effectively improve their living space, break the deadlock and quickly walk out of the "dilemma"?

I. keeping warm and promoting the development of enterprises

The individual development power of the enterprise is limited, and it is difficult in the cruel economic competition. Enterprises need to discover their own shortcomings in time, unite the advantageous enterprises, hold a group for heating, and improve the living space of enterprises. In this case, it is not only necessary to cooperate with domestic counterparts or upstream and downstream industrial chains, but also to actively "go out" under the existing background, expand the international technology development exchange platform of enterprises, which is more conducive to the integration of capital technology and the expansion of enterprise market.

II. Technological innovation, equipment upgrading and product quality improvement

Technical equipment is one of the important factors affecting product quality. Carbon industry products need to change from quantity increase to quality improvement and structure optimization. Carbon products need to adapt to the technical progress of electrolytic aluminum enterprises, and provide a strong guarantee for downstream energy saving and consumption reduction. We should also accelerate the development of new carbon materials with independent intellectual property rights and independent innovation, focus on R & D and breakthroughs in the whole industrial chain, work closely with upstream and downstream, make breakthroughs and improvements in the quality of raw materials such as needle coke and polyacrylonitrile precursor as soon as possible, break monopoly and increase production initiative.

III. strengthen enterprise self-discipline and adhere to green sustainability

According to the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", the recently released national standard of energy consumption quota of carbon unit product has been implemented, and the group standard of air pollutant emission standard of carbon industry has also been implemented on September 1, 2019. Green and sustainable carbon is the general trend. Enterprises need to strengthen the management of energy conservation and consumption reduction, strengthen the investment in environmental protection equipment, and achieve recyclability at the same time of ultra-low emissions, so as to effectively promote enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

With the development of large-scale enterprises and supporting models, and in the face of "quality, cost, environmental protection" and other pressures, how can most small and medium-sized enterprises realize the group heating and effectively enhance the merger and integration of enterprises? The industrial information service platform of China Carbon Research Institute can effectively and intelligently match the corresponding technology management business of the enterprise, truly implement the cost reduction and efficiency increase of the enterprise, and promote the rapid development of the enterprise quality. (From Alu)