ArcelorMittal shut down blast furnaces at two steel plants in Poland


ArcelorMittal Poland announced that it would temporarily shut down the blast furnace of Krakow steel plant on November 23, 2019. Mr Geert verbeeck, its chief executive, said: "the market situation is still deteriorating and the forecast is not optimistic. At the same time, the production of our three blast furnaces is at the lowest technical level at present. We can't further reduce the production and have to temporarily shut down the blast furnace. " Krakow steel plant was shut down from August 2010 to March 2011, and resumed operation after the market situation improved. This time, ArcelorMittal Poland also said that once the market situation improves, the blast furnace will be re operated At the same time, ArcelorMittal will shut down a blast furnace at the Indiana Harbor steel plant, which has three blast furnaces. The blast furnace will be shut down for maintenance and will resume operations as steel demand increases, a company spokesman said Monday. Thirty five people working in the blast furnace will be transferred to other positions in the plant ArcelorMittal supplies pellets to the Indiana Harbor steel plant at the Minorca mine in Virginia, but the blast furnace shutdown will not affect the production of the Minorca mine. (From LGMI)